Before Your Visit

before your visit

Before Your Visit

The Project Teach experience starts in the classroom. We help teachers get their students to start thinking about the future, so they can see themselves as young professionals before they even see Harvard’s campus.

Project Teach starts in the classroom. We help teachers get their students to start thinking about the future, so they can see themselves as college material before they even see the campus.

Classroom Activities

While the visit may be the heart of our program, it’s not the only opportunity for teachers to start a dialogue about college and careers! Below you’ll find slide decks to walk you through these activities and get your students ready for the big day.

getting started

View the Getting Started slides

Students are introduced to Project Teach, then visualize themselves in college and write down their thoughts about what excites them most (and what doesn’t).


Identity Collage

View the Identity Collage slides

Through an art project, students reflect on their own identities and explore how different college and career paths can provide opportunities to grow their identities.

Multiple Me Card

View the Multiple Me Trees slides

Using visual aids, students imagine five possible paths for their future and their careers. Each branch on the tree represents a different outcome and the steps they can take to pursue or avoid it.


College Vocabulary

View the College Vocabulary slides

Activities with college terms help students learn the jargon of academic life so they can communicate with confidence.

Students with zebrafish

What Will We Do On Campus?

Students take a field trip to Harvard's campus for a day of real-life experiences, activities, and hands-on learning. Project Teach now offers a virtual campus visit which includes interactive maps, instructional videos from Harvard faculty, college student Q&As, and more.

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Pre-Visit Reminders

Have your students fill out their paperwork and choose their classes—don’t forget to let your Project Teach coordinator know about food allergies and accessibility needs. Check the weather the day before, and remind your students to dress appropriately. On the morning of the visit, hand out the color-coded nametags and stickers for students with photo permissions.

Download pre-visit checklist

Project Teach lesson

The Framework

The Project Teach model uses a research-based approach that focuses on communicating college and career goals, sharing resources, developing partnerships between students and colleges, and involving families.

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Before Your Visit

Fostering college and career awareness in middle school classrooms

Project Teach Visit

During Your Visit

Providing real-life experiences that leave an impression

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After Your Visit

Giving students the tools to pursue their ambitions