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Creating College & Career Mindsets

Students begin making decisions about their college and career aspirations as early as middle school.

When students have access to necessary resources and support, they are more likely to make informed decisions about their post-secondary options and develop a college-going identity.

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The Framework

The Project Teach model uses a research-based approach that focuses on communicating college and career goals, sharing resources, developing partnerships between students and colleges, and involving families.

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Before Your Visit

Fostering college and career awareness in middle school classrooms

Project Teach Visit

During Your Visit

Providing real-life experiences that leave an impression

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After Your Visit

Giving students the tools to pursue their ambitions

A Program with Impact

"I was thinking about not going to college because school was hard, but now I know if I study as hard as anybody else, I can still get into college and maybe even go to Harvard."

Steven NoelSteven Noel
Former Project Teach Participant

"They see students who look like them at Harvard. They can find themselves. They realize, 'This is a possibility; I can do this.'"

Maria CordonMaria Cordon
Principal, James W. Hennigan Elementary School

"Students need to believe that they can go to college. It’s having the opportunity to master that experience, not simply being told that they’re able to do it."

Suzanne BouffardSuzanne Bouffard
Researcher and writer, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Partners Across Campus

Over the years, Harvard Public Affairs & Communications has teamed up with departments, centers, and schools across Harvard to expand Project Teach’s impact and initiatives.

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